TRUMP “THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF!” – The Truth about Global Warming!

This summer has seen temperatures surge across the World as a northern hemisphere heatwave threatens crops in northern Europe, the US and Russia.  97% of Iran finds itself in drought and UK farmers have called for a summit over the drought crisis wreaking havoc on crops. Uncontrollable wild fires have broken out this week in Greece and California taking lives and further polluting the Earths’ Atmosphere,

Despite evidence, warnings and reports on the disastrous consequences of global warming. Trump and his administration continue to ignore the World and instead are proposing to freeze efficiency standards for American cars and trucks which totally disregard the rules set for 2025.  If the proposal is excepted it would also take away the state of California’s right to set its own standards above the current federal ones which the rest of the country usually follow. Activists have spoken out saying that this would have dire consequences for both consumers and the planet. As usual Trump turns a blind eye and is only concerned with his capitalist regime and the profits of Big oil.  WAKE UP Mr Trump and Stop lying! The WOLF is HERE!


A new report by top international scientists says the world is at risk of entering a “hothouse” state despite emission reduction targets.

The new study was published in the US Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) on Monday reporting that temperatures could rise four to five degrees Celcius even if agreed targets for global climate are met under a new deal.

The report says that if dangerous tipping points cross thresholds it could lead to devastating changes such as: the reduction of Antarctic sea ice and polar ice sheets, permafrost thaw, a reduction in methane hydrates from the floor of the ocean and weakening of the land and ocean carbon sinks which would have disastrous consequences on the environment.

Johan Rockstrom co-author of the report and executive director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre says “These tipping elements can potentially act like a row of dominoes. Once one is pushed over, it pushes Earth towards another. It may be very difficult or impossible to stop the whole row of dominoes from tumbling over. Places on Earth will become uninhabitable if ‘Hothouse Earth’ becomes the reality.”

On Monday reported that Scientists working on the study from educational institutes such as the Stockholm Resilience Center, The University of Copenhagen, Australian National University and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research say that “Hothouse Earth” is not only dangerous but also uncontrollable with rivers flooding and chaotic storms wreaking havoc on communities in coastal areas completely destroying Coral reefs before or towards the end of this century.

Melting polar ice caps bought on by exceeding global temperatures of any previous interglacial period between Ice Ages of the over the last 1.2 million years would increase to devastatingly rising sea levels which will flood the homes of millions of people living on coastal lands.

In 2015 it was an aim of the Paris climate agreement to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celcius in reduction of previous industrial levels. Furthermore, the report indicates that tipping cascades put at high risk of a 2C rise in temperature could further increase dramatically beyond this level.

Co-author of the recent report Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research warned “This cascade of events may tip the entire Earth system into a new mode of operation”. A great effort is required to avoid this tragic rise of Earths’ temperature. It will take more than just a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the “hothouse” effect. Experts say a 4C or 5C degree world could drop the “carrying capacity” of it to as little as a billion people. Other efforts such as an improvement in agricultural and soil management in addition to biodiversity conservation and technologies to remove carbon dioxide out of the Earths’ atmosphere should be stored below ground and must all be combined and put into practice immediately. Experts commenting on the recent report said that whilst still uncertain the situation is very probable. Phil Williamson a climate researcher at the University of East Anglia said “In the context of the summer of 2018, this definitely is not a case of crying wolf, raising a false alarm: the wolves are now in sight”.

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