Matching x Nike Blaze Sneakers for Serena William Baby Girl Alexia Olympia

Looks like Serena Williams Baby girl is set to be a sneaker head already with Uncle Virgil making these too cute for words x Nike Blaze in minature size to match  Mama.

Serena Posted a picture  on her instagram  page @serenawilliams of the oh so cute one of a kind x Nike Blaze sneakers designed and gifted to her baby girl

After defeating Kaia Kenepi Serena spoke to press about her experience coming back to tennis just one year after having her daughter Olympia. The legend is now competing in The US Open her third tournament this year stunning the crowds this time with not just her tennis ability but with her outfits from the ‘Queen’ Collection designed in collaboration with Nike and Off Whites Virgil Abloh.



In her round 3 press conference, Williams the owner of six US Open Championship titles confesses that despite looking like a magical fairy in her off shoulder tutu style dress. Coming back hasn’t been easy she told press “I think society puts it out there that you’ll just kind of snap back and that’s just a myth,” when asked about her experience on motherhood and the way back to the top of womens tennis she replied “I feel likes it’s important for women to know that it doesn’t happen like that in the Instagram world. But in the real world, it takes a while for your body to come back. Especially after a C-section, I think it takes a little bit longer. And not only that, like mentally and physically and dealing emotionally with providing for a child, it’s a lot that goes into it. And I was just living in this world where I thought it would just automatically come together. Yeah, my dress, I kind of look like a magical fairy, but it’s not happening. So I had to realize and live in reality.”

Pictured: Serena Williams and her baby daughter Alexis (picture source @serenawilliams on instagram)


23 time Grand Slam champion said the black and lavender colorways tutu-style dress is fun to play in calling it “aerodynamic with one free arm”. Controversially Serena’s ‘Wakanda’ inspired catsuit designed by Virgil was banned from French open. The catsuit compression garment was designed to help with blood clots after pregnancy. In 1985 Anne Whites was also asked not to wear her white catsuit. Still, in 2018 the tennis society still isn’t ready to evolve and embrace the female form. Hopefully this tennis inspired fashion fusion will inspire the future of fashion in tennis.

Serena williams banned out fit
Pictured: Serena Williams at the French Openm 2018 in her ‘Wakanda’ inspired catsuit designed for her by Off Whites Nigel Abloh (photo source

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