What are the Seven Sacred Chakra’s?

The word ‘Chakra’ means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit, an ancient language of India which is translated in Hindu as ‘wheel of spinning energy’. They are energy fields located within our bodies as well as across the world. They are a focus of energy points used in spiritual healing disciplines in the holistic world of medicine first used by the Egyptians at the beginning of civilisation. Imagine 7 spinning vortex wheels of energy points located in your body from the top your head to the end of your spine.

The 7 Chakra’s are Energy fields within our bodies that govern our Endocrine glands and the energy flow within and surrounding us.

These energy fields are governed by principles of conscious and spiritual laws that can be used to create harmony within our bodies and minds. Which in effect produce balance and happiness in our lives the well as the world we live in.

A good way to think of your Chakra’s is as rechargeable invisible batteries which are charged up via a connection with the flow of cosmic energy within the  atmosphere. Think of it like how your home is connected to a central power source within the town or City you live in. Like your home, you are also connected to a higher source of cosmic energy which is absolutely free.

Think of it as a vertical current of power similar to a fluorescent tube of light which runs up and down the spine from the very top of your head to the tip of your spine.

Imagine it to be your main source of energy in the centre of your body as a vertical line of power.

Chakra’s are the Connection Between Our Spiritual Bodies and Our Physical Ones.

They control the way energy flows around the electrical network of Meridian running through our physical bodies. Meridians form the bodies electrical system which like the wiring of a house allows current to be delivered around every part of the body ready to be used and directed as and when needed.

Over time Chakra’s can become blocked due to emotional and physical trauma and stresses on the body such as hormone imbalance, emotional stress and physical pain.

If the bodies energy system is unable to flow freely problems are likely to occur. The effect of unbalanced or blocked energy flow in the chakra’s will bring physical as mental pain discomfort and unbalance.

The picture shows where the main chakra’s in the body are located.

Photo Source: http://www.eikisoutheast.ie.com

If the bodies energy system is unable to flow freely problems are likely to occur. The effect of unbalanced or blocked energy flow in the chakra’s will bring physical as mental pain discomfort and unbalance.

Chakra 7 – (The Crown Chakra/The Violet Chakra) 

“I Understand” Sahasrara

Violet in colour and located at the very top of your head is the crown chakra. Connected to the cerebral cortex, pituitary gland and central nervous system it is linked to understanding, information, acceptance and bliss. It is believed to be your personal location to the connection to higher source – God and your devine purpose and destiny. Psychological problems can manifest if it becomes blocked.


Chakra 6  – (The Third Eye/Indigo Chakra/Brow Chakra)

“I SEE” Ajina

Indigo in colour it is located in the centre of the forehead about eye level. This energy source is the chakra of question and questions the nature of our lives spiritually, It is connected with our inner vision, intuition and wisdom. It Is the chakra of perception, question and knowing. Your dreams for the future and memory of past life times live in this chakra. Problems such as lack of foresight, depression, selective memory and mental rigidity can manifest if there is a blockage.


Chakra 5 – (The Throat Chakra/Blue Chakra)

“I SPEAK” Vishudda

Blue or turquoise, the throat chakra is located within the throat. It is the c of communication, self-expression, creativity and judgement. It is connected to your neck, shoulder, arms, hands and parathyroid glands. It governs your internal and outer hearing senses, healing and purification. If blocked it can manifest as dishonesty or creative blocks and problems with expressing feelings or needs to others.


Chakra 4 – The Heart Chakra/The Green Chakra

“I LOVE” Anahata

Situated in your heart and green in colour, the heart chakra is the centre of compassion, love peace land harmony. It is said to be were the soul lives or ‘house of the soul’. Your heart, thymus gland, lungs and hands are associated with this green chakra. Our heart chakra is what permits us to fall in love and deal with love, joy and inner peace. This vortex of energy is associated with self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem you may have issues with these if it becomes blocked.


Chakara 3 –( The Solar Plexus/Upper Navel Chakra/Yellow Chakra)

“I DO” Manipura

The solar plexus is located just above the navel and is yellow in colour. It concerns itself with your muscles, your digestive system, the pancreas and the adrenals.  Your emotional energy resides here. This centre is associated with laughter, joy, anger, feelings of personal power; your ability to achieve, sensitivity and ambition. Blockage may be indicated by feelings of frustration, anger, victimisation and lack of direction.

Chakra 2 – (The Sacral Chakra/Lower Navel Chakra/Orange Chakra)

“I FEEL” Savadhishthana

This orange colour chakra rests between the base of your spine and your navel. Its relationship is with the lower abdomen, kidneys, bladder, reproductive system, circularly system, glands and organs. It deals with emotions associated with pleasure, desire, procrastination, sexuality and creativity. Feelings of sexual guilt, compulsive and obsessive behavior and emotional problems may surface if blocked.

Chakra 1 – (Root Chakra/Coccyx Chakra/Red Chakra)


The root chakra is closest to the earth and red in colour. It is associated with physical survival and earthly grounding. Your legs, feet, bones, large intestines, adrenal glands and control response to fight or flight. Procrastination, defensiveness and paranoia may manifest if blocked. The root chakra regulates the energy associated with instinct, safety and survival.

It is important to regularly cleanse your aura regularly using breathing and meditation and most of all to recognize what your feelings and emotions are son that you can clear your internal and external energy of any negativity for a more positive life mentally and physically. Stay tuned for more chakra magic!


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