Root Chakra Cleansing Guide

In this article I am going to explore and explain the Root Chakra and how to heal it.

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Muladhara, or Root Chakra, is positioned at the bottom of your spinal cord. It is symbolized by a lotus with four petals. The root Chakra is the epicenter of your mind, body, stability, instincts, survival and self-sufficiency. A balanced Muladhara Chakra would result in prosperity and good mental and physical health. This chakra corresponds with the gonads and adrenal glands.

When the root chakra is imbalanced due to trauma, psychological issues such as chronic fear, and emotional suppression and repression can disrupt the flow of your life. Blocked energy centres can often lead too constant emotional, personal and relationship issues.

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Most people in their lives have suffered with root chakra deficiency. Especially those that have been bought up in abusive households, dangerous neighborhoods or in relative poverty where parents may have struggled to provide financially.

The foundation of our lives is built upon the root chakra. It supports our personal growth in exploring the variety of aspects life offers and our feelings of security and safety revolving around both our bodily and metaphorical needs in regard to financial safety and housing. In essence the root chakra is where we connect ourselves to the earths energy in order to manifest our desires.

What does Root Chakra Healing involve?

Root Chakra healing involves practicing techniques that help to open and clear blockages, clearing and cleansing the energy to strengthen and support the spinal area or energy vortex of our bodies. Cleansing the root chakra requires you to eat foods as well as use affirmations, sounds, smells, yoga and crystals which help to balance the energy coming from this energy field so that the body-mind connection is realigned.

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Signs of an unhealthy root Chakra

Paying attention to your thoughts, actions, feelings and the physical sensations within your body will help you to determine whether you need heal or unblock your root chakra.

Below is a list of symptoms you should look out for:

You obsess about money. Worrying you don’t have enough with negative thoughts of being poor and homeless, you may over-work to ease your anxiety regarding finances and trigger if someone in your family over spends. You may feel the need to be in must be in complete control of the money and finances in your household.

  • You generally do not trust other people (trust issues)
  • You believe that you can only rely on yourself and try not to ask anyone for help even when you need it.
  • You work hard sometimes too much and suffer from burn out and poor health
  • Your relationship with your family is dysfunctional
  • You always feel like supplies are scarce and you need to fight for your share.
  • Losing control terrifies you.
  • You’re are always on the look out for threats from other people and your surroundings
  • Most days you feel anxious, dizzy, spacey and ungrounded.
  • You find it difficult to just be yourself around other people
  • You don’t feel close or connected to nature.
  • You hoard and collect things and live in clutter.
  • When you are depressed or anxious you binge eat or stop eating completely
  • You have problems with your feet and legs such as infection, swelling, cramps and poor circulation
  • When you gain weight, it tends to go around the bottom half of your body like your legs and thighs.

Ask yourself how many things on this list you can relate to?

How to tell if your root Chakra is over Active or Underactive

When people talk of chakras being unhealthy they usually mean blocked. However deficiency in chakras can be defined as passive and excessive can be defined as aggressive.

For example a deficient root chakra will leave you feeling sluggish, passive, inward, blocked as not enough energy is flowing in.

A chakra that produces too much energy is likely to be agitated, aggressive, reactive and outwards as too much energy is flowing in.

In effect if you have a root chakra which is deficient you will probably suffer with issues such as suspicion, anxiety and withdrawing. An excessive root chakra you may be prone to hoarding, greed, anger and workaholism. To the contrary efficiency of the chakra protects your energy whereas excessiveness tends overreact.

Root Chakra Healing Practices

What does it feel like to have a healthy balanced root chakra?

When your root chakra is clear, harmonious and strong you will feel calm and grounded. Your fears surrounding money or lack of control will trust in the devine path of life. You will trust yourself more and feel more deeply connected to nature and others. If you develop a healthy root chakra it will be easy for you to be your true authentic self, being and finding peace in the present moment. You will no longer feel like you have to fight, protect and defend and will flow through life with less friction.

Below are 15 of the best ways to heal your root chakra:

1.Put your head phones on and meditate to some grounding Music like Samadhi.

My recommendation would be to listen to base sounding instruments like the drums, cello and trombone. 396 Hz is also a powerful healing frequency that resonates with the root chakra. Sleep with this on a low volume or have it playing at home whilst doing your normal daily chores.


2. The ‘LAM’ Chant

This is the matching sound for the Root Chakra. Breath in and as you let the air out make the sound “lllllllaaaaaaammmmm.” Whilst in a meditative state listen to binaural beats at 396hz like mentioned above. Binaural beats are a good way of activating all the chakras because the alternating sound waves have the effect of activating and clear all the chakras through alternating sound waves

3. Practice Grounding

Take a walk bare foot or stand on the grass at the park consciously connecting to the earth through your feet. This practice is called ‘earthing, and it helps you to feel less confused and anxious by grounding you and connecting you with mother earth whilst you take in the sounds of the sky, the clouds, the birds and interconnection of nature.

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4.Targeted Yoga

Yoga is a very good tool in opening and clearing chakras.

Practice breathing and stretching using yoga poses such as child pose, mountain pose, warrior and cobra.

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5. Eat foods which are grounding

Select foods which are rich in the colour red. Such as red bell peppers, pomegranate, strawberries, red apples, red sweet potatoes, radish, beetroot radish and other root vegetables.

6. Practice 30 Second Mindfulness

Practice breathing slow and deeply for 30 seconds minimum per day. Stopping to observe your breath for the count of 3 will help to ground you and stop your thoughts from racing. Make this a habit by doing it  everyday especially when you feel stressed.

7. Use crystals to meditate and carry them on your person for protection.

Good root chakra crystals include, red onyx, hematite, smokey quartz, jasper and carnelian. Black Tourmaline is also great for protection. Crystal jewelers is easily available and can be worn all the time.

8. Use essential oils to cleanse the root chakra

Great oils to cleanse the root chakra include: sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, cloves, black pepper, and ginger. Add them to a diffuser or to your bath water for full benefits.

9. Practice Quiet Visualisation

When in a meditative state, using focused breathing visualise the colour red in the groin area. Imagine it glowing and pulsating and getting brighter with every breath, absorbing and dissolving dissolving negative energy.

Visualize a red ball of light pulsating in your root chakra region (your groin area). Visualize all the murky energy dissolving as it meets the ball of red light.

10. Use Mantras and Affirmations

Using affirmations or mantras will allow you to program your unconscious thinking patterns in to more positive ones. Use positive affirming words and sentences such as “I am centered and whole, “I have everything I need”, “I trust in the wisdom of life”, “I surrender,” “I am safe and secure,” “I am strong, stable, and at peace. “I Am a divine being of light and I am peaceful protected and secure.

11. Drink herbal tea

Drink some natural herbal tea such as Chi or ashwagandha and Clove tea. Strawberry and raspberry tea is also tasty and comforting

12. Take a Soothing Shower or Bath with Epson Salts

Water is a very powerful cleanser and detoxer of the body. It is great at clearing stagnant, blocked up energy. Visualise all the stress running out of your body as you stand under the water of the shower. Even better purify your energy with Epson salt or Himalayan pink rock salt bath for a deep cleanse of your aura.

13. Evaluate causes of fear you may have

Fear comes for the beliefs you have about yourself, grudges and unresolved pain. Take time to reflect on where they may be coming using a journal, therapist, partner or friend.

14. Catharsis Practice

This is the act of meditation, exercise, or simply jumping up and down shouting, punching the air to get rid yourself of tension.

Some more advice before you start your personal healing journey

I have struggled with a severely blocked root chakra from trauma in my life. I have gone through life putting band aids over wounds that haven’t healed. Staying present has helped me to be more mindful during my days.  Slowing down and using breathing techniques has helped to relieve stress when I  feel overwhelmed. Use these techniques along with the above for a full healing of the root chakra.

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