Sacral Chakra Healing Guide

Can you remember when the last time you felt emotionally stable? As in you felt balanced and grounded enough to feel sexually desirable, creative, energetic and passionate about life?

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If you have felt like this it probably meant or means that you have a harmonious and completely balanced chakra. People with balanced sacral chakras are know to radiate warmth, good humor and playfulness.

Many experiences in life can unfortunately can lead to a blockage in the sacral chakra. Bad experiences such as body shame, a strict and militant upbringing, sexual dysfunction or abuse, negative and toxic relationships, forced religious beliefs or limiting forms of social conditioning can all limit how your life force energy flows through your sacral chakra.

In this article I’m going to take you through some steps of how to heal your route chakra.

What is the Sacral Chakra?

Also called the Svadhisthana, the sacral chakra is the center focus of or emotional, creative and sexual well being. It is located three inches below the navel or belly button in the area just above the gentials. The color orange is associated with the color orange and it controls the energies regarding passion, senuality and pleasure.

Traumatic early life and adult experiences can cause imbalances which may cause individuals to have various emotional, physical, interpersonal and psychological issues.

What is sacral Chakra healing?

Sacral chakra healing is the technique of clearing, opening, cleansing, strengthening and supporting the sacral chakra inside of the body. A number of holistic remedies are involved with healing this energy field, including: aromatherapy, crystal and sound and movement therapy which syncs together the body mind connection.

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12 Signs of an Unhealthy Sacral Chakra

If you are unsure whether this area needs healing just simply give some attention to the physical sensations within your body and your thoughts and feelings.

Common Signs of a Blocked Sacral Chakra

  • You have an addictive nature. As in you become addicted to anything that can bring you instant gratification such as junk good, sex, gambling, work, drugs, alcohol and compulsive buying.
  • You are cold and emotionally numb, finding it hard to feel your emotions.
  • Sexually you are frigid with a low sex drive or libido OR
  • You are sexually forward, and always up for sex even when it could put you at risk. Sexually you are overactive
  • You are unable to deal with spontaneity and uncertainty and can become quite neurotic
  • You suffer with reproductive issues such as irregular and painful menstrual cycles, infertility or impotence.
  • You feel constantly fatigued with little or no energy for anything.
  • You find it hard to express your true feelings and desires OR,
  • You’re very sensitive and over reactive emotionally loving drama
  • You move between being emotionally hyperactive or aloof
  • You suffer with creative block and overthink everything.
  • You suffer with kidney or stomach disorders and lower back pain.

From the above list how many of these issues can you familiarize yourself with?

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Is your Sacral Chakra Excessive or Deficient?

There are in fact two imbalances that may affect the chakras.

A deficient Sacral Chakra will be energetically passive and numb, whereas an excessive sacral chakra has aggressive or manic energy. If deficient you may feel sluggish, lifeless, blocked, passive, inwards as not enough energy is flowing in this area. If excessive you are more that likely to feel agitated, aggressive, reactive and outwards because to much energy is flowing in.

If you are on the deficient side you will probably be prone to issues such as emotional coldness, detachment and feelings of sexyal frigidity. Somebody with an excessive sacral chakra be prone to sexual addiction, codependency and emotional explosiveness. Some people may fall in the middle of these two degrees.

Reading the above. What category do you think you, yourself fall into?

Sacral Healing Exercises

A healthy and balanced Sacral Chakra will have you feeling strong, harmonious and comfortable being your authentic self. You will not have issues with sexual over indulgence of guilt and will honour sex sacredly and in an enjoyable and balanced manner. You will be up and open to experiencing life passionately. You will be open with your emotions and grounded with set boundaries which are healthy. Also you will get your creative flow back again and enjoy the spontaneous moments of life.

Below is a list of some of the most effect sacral chakra healing exercises to practice whilst healing. They include:

  1. Use emotional catharsis practices

Emotional Catharsis exercises such as  jumping, screaming, crying, laughing, singing and crying can help to purge negative emotions. Opening up frozen energy channels helps to release pent up emotions and negative energy.

Suitable for treatment of deficient sacral chakra blockages

Best suited to: deficient sacral chakra blockages

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  1. Express yourself Creatively

Suitable for those with deficient and excessive sacral chakra blockages

Choose a creative activity that interests you such as drawing, sculpting, photography, quilting, jewellery making or cooking and go for it. Please don’t worry about it being perfect immediately just try and see what comes out and know that the higher source is guiding you. With time, practice and dedication you will get good! 😊 Try to create or draw something that you have had trouble mentally or emotionally expressing such as your wants and inner desires.

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  1. Identify if you have sexual blockages

Suitable for: Deficient sacral chakra blockages

As a child what ideals or beliefs and prejudices were you taught about sexuality as a child. It is a good idea to write them down or speak with a close friend or counselor about them. Once identified, these blockages can then be deconstructed.

  1. Use meditate with Crystals and Carry them on your person

Suitable for: deficient and excessive blockages

Crystals suitable for Sacral Chakra activation include: Orange calcite, citrine, carnelian, moonstone, amber and jasper.

  1. Start to become aware of what your emotional triggers are

Suitable for: Excessive blockages

Being mindful of your emotional triggers will help to balance them. For instance, if you are easy to anger and your fist clench up you should breath deeply and uncurl your hands. If your blood pressure rises regarding a certain topic or person beware of how you feel and try to control your emotions for better living and health.

  1. Eat more Ginger

Suitable for: Blockages that are deficient

Ginger is a herb which is warming and great at stimulating the sacral chakra. Try to use ginger more in your cooking. Drink ginger tea, or add fresh ginger to a stew. You’ll be surprised at how delicious it is.

  1. Get to the root of where your addictions come from

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

We tend to use addictions to cope with our the reality of our lives and the emptiness that some times haunts us. Write in a journal or talk to a therapist or friend to explore where your addiction stems from. Ask yourself questions like “When in my life did I become addicted to this?” “What does the addiction do for me?” “What is it that I am hiding about myself and who I am?” If you have a serious addiction to narcotics or anything for that matter be sure to visit a professional for help and guidance.

  1. Regularly practice self-care

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient Blockages

Use resources such as empowering books, workshops and guided meditations that help you to better accept yourself and your body and all its uniqueness and quirkiness. Embrace your body as it is and stop apologizing for how it looks. Reach out and join an online or physical  group to help you to accept and love your body. Get a personal trainer, or join a exercise group or gym and start feeling good about yourself.

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Cut out processed foods and find out what eating plan is best suited to you. To cleanse and activate the Sacral chakra eat nourishing fruits and vegetables such as oranges, coconuts, apricots almonds, carrots, papaya, passionfruit and mangos.

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  1. Start using color therapy

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages of the sacral chakra.

Orange is the colour of the sacral chakra. Introduce it into your life bu wearing eating peach and apricots and wearing the colour orange. Surround yourself with orange objects and express yourself creatively using the color oranges. For example, wear orange clothing, surround yourself with orange objects create some art using the color orange extensively.

  1. Sacral Chakra Visualisation

Suitable for: Deficient and excessive sacral chakra blockages

With your eyes closed visualise a pulsating, swirling vortex or ball or bright orange light a few inches below your bellybutton. Imagine all the blockages and aggressive energy in this area being dissolved by the orange throbbing light.

  1. Try to be spontaneous sometimes

Suitable for: Sacral chakra blockages that are deficient.

Try to give yourself the permission to do go out and do something you wouldn’t usually do. Get out of the habit of being rigid living a uncreative life. Watch a movie that you have never seen or travel somewhere foreign to you and enjoy life. Be creative with your spontaneity even join a salsa class and really lively up yourself.

  1. Be creative sexually

Suitable for: Sacral chakra blockages that are deficient


Explore your sexuality with your partner and use different sexual positions and spice it up by doing things that you have been to shy or scared to do if you both like it. Embrace your sexuality with someone that you trust and care for. If you happen to be single I please do not go out and have sex with random people or go back to someone that is no good for you. Simply explore your own body creatively giving your self pleasure! Yes! Yourself! Its safe, clean, natural and satisfying. If you feel guild or shame, this is the blockage and you need to evaluate or question them.

  1. Use aromatherapy essential oils to cleanse the chakra

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient sacral chakra blockages

Use essential oils such as ginger, jasmine, orange, rosewood, neroli and bergamot. Scented candles with the above oils are also a good option.

  1. Practice Yoga to clear Blocks

Best suited to: deficient and excessive blockages

Yoga is a very affective way of opening up and unblocking chakras of unwanted negative energy in your aura. Good poses for the sacral chakra are the butterfly, cobra, camel, goddess, pigeon poses and reverse warrior.

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  1. Daily affirmations

Best suited: Excessive and deficiant sacral chakra blockages.

Your thoughts create your reality through manifestation. Speak your desired reality into existence. What you think is what you manifest. Write, say and repeat sincerely the following affirmations with an clean heart. “I create healthy boundaries,” “I allow myself to feel my emotions,”  “I embrace my inner passion,” “My sexuality is sacred,” “I value and respect my body,”  “I release my inner emotions creatively.”

  1. Chant “Vam” whist meditating

Best suited to: deficient and excessive blockages

The sound “vaaaaaammmmmmmmm.” Matches the vibration of the sacral chakra. A form of healing called Binaural beats can be used to help clear and activate all the chakras through alternating sound waves sent to the brain.

Finding humor in situations and smiling will also help to cleanse this energy field. Watch a comedy or funny movies and surround yourself with positive lighthearted fun people. Belly dancing is a great way to heal the sacral chakra.

Some Helpful Advice

You might be wondering what it is you should do next after reading all this information. My advice would be to pic a few of the activities that you are drawn to but only after evaluating whether you are deficient or excessive in sacral chakra energy. Use a mixture of techniques according to your evaluation and experiment with them for a few weeks and feel the difference. Good luck and enjoy your healing journey. You are worth it and you deserve it!




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