Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Guide

Also known as the “lustrous gem” the solar plexus chakra shines brightly like the sun inside of our bodies if balanced correctly.

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When your solar plexus is balanced, harmonious and functioning at an optimal rate you will experience great autonomy over your life, inner drive and confidence.

Traumatic experiences in life can create bad habits and mindsets within us which can cause this energy field to become suppressed stagnant and blocked. A strict or abusive childhood where you may have been subjected to emotional, mental, physical and or sexual abuse can be detrimental to your health. Authoritarian beliefs forced on to you by your carers or parents may have led to you developing dis-empowered beliefs and ideologies making you feel unconfident about life itself.

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I have written this guide to help you start your empowering yourself to take the time to heal your solar plexus energy field which should help you to lead a more healthy and balanced life.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Also called the Manipura, the solar plexus chakra is the energy source of our self-esteem, willpower, transformation energy. It is situated within your diaphragm around six inches above the navel. The color yellow is associated with associated the solar plexus and also the element of fire. This chakra regulates our energy to do with intention, identity, action and vitality.

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Solar Plexus Healing

To heal the solar plexus with must practice first opening and then clearing, supporting and cleansing this aura field so that it becomes strong and better functions within our body. A number of holistic healing practices may be used in the practice of clearing blockages such as the use of sound, crystals, aromatherapy, emotional therapy and movement to realign and bring balance and harmony back to our body mind connection.

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17 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Solar Plexus

To tell if you need to participate in some solar plexus chakra healing it is important that you first look internally at your feelings, thoughts, physical sensations and actions.

Some signs to look out for are as follows:

  • You often feel fatigued and lazy
  • Overeating and overindulgence is a persistent problem for you
  • You can be manipulative towards others to get what you want, OR
  • You often feel weak and powerless
  • You are a bully and find yourself dominating when you are around others OR
  • You are indecisive, unassertive and insecure
  • You could do with more confidence in most areas of you life
  • You are a people pleaser, often seeking approval from other people
  • Your self-esteem is low, OR
  • Your sense of self is excessive and inflated (you have a big ego)
  • Your body temperature is always usually very hot or very cold
  • You have an addictive nature
  • You find it difficult to set boundaries regarding other people
  • Your relationships formed with others tend to be co-dependent
  • You suffer will ailments to your digestive system such as IBS, ulcers, diabetes, hypoglycemia etc
  • You often have issues with your stomach such as constipation, frequent gas and upset stomach
  • You carry excess weight in your middle region. You may have a pot belly

Can you relate to any of the above symptoms?

Before we can move forward to some healing it is first important to find out whether infact you have an underactive or overactive solar plexus chakra. We can also use the terms deficient or excessive. A passive or deficient solar plexus will feel “numb” energetically. You may feel passive, sluggish, lifeless and blocked inwardly. An excessive one will have you feeling aggressive energetically and manic. You may have too much energy and feel agitated, lively, reactive and giving out to much energy.

A deficient solar plexus will have you feeling fatigued and suffering with low self-esteem and a lack of willpower. Contrastingly an excessive or over reactive solar plexus will have you exhibiting controlling behaviors towards others. You may be prone to addiction and have a big ego. Some people may fall in the middle of these two categories.


  1. Practices to Heal the Solar Plexus Chakra

A healthy solar plexus chakra will have you feeling strong and harmonious and confident in yourself and your abilities. Self-doubt will no longer be a problem for you and you will no longer project an aggressive egotistical attitude. Instead you will trust in your own abilities and feel confident in your own skin. You will realise that you have the power to choose how you feel about things and that you control your mindset and how you approach life and other people.

Feeling more self-assured will allow you to create healthy boundaries using your will power to make good decisions. You will no longer feel the need to put yourself in overactive or self-minimizing situations with other but instead be firm in your standing and respectful towards others as well as yourself. Your new source of energy will have you to leave addictive patterns and infuse you with a energy. No longer will you feel lethargic but instead feel motivated towards your dreams and goals enthusiastically. Your outlook on life will be focused and energized, aligned and empowered with life.

The above changes take some work to achieve and do not happen over-night but with dedication, patience and sincere want to change years of blockage can be eventually cleared.

Next is a list of the best healing practices to best help you heal the solar plexus energy centre.

  1. Take a risk and break out and away of your old routine

Suitable for: Underactive or deficient blockages

“safe” routines can lead us to feel lethargic and powerless. Try something new and break the dull or dim inactive life routines. Get up and get away from your routine by going outside and exploring different things. Try going shopping at somewhere different this Saturday or take a short break somewhere different. This will help to vitalise your energy. Making small changes can help to give you motivation and a new lease of energy.

  1. Break ties and bonds with negative people

Suitable for: Overactive and underactive blockages

Distance yourself with people that are critical and belittling if you are unable to cut ties permanently. Surround yourself with people that encourage you to grow and not those that will drag you down and through the mud. Always try to remember that all the power is with you. It is your decision who goes and stays in your life. Remove people from your life that frequently discredit, underrate and bad- mouth you.

  1. Take a look at what cause the biggest resistance in your life

Suited for: Excessive and deficient blockages

What are your fears? What do you find yourself always fighting against? Asking yourself these questions will help you to reveal where in life your energy is getting lost. After you have done this you must next ask yourself, “What in my life do I need to let go of or love in order to free my energy?” People with blocked solar plexus chakra’s usually put a lot of there energy into avoiding, suppressing or fighting their feelings.

  1. Eat nutritious and healing foods

Suitable for: Overactive and underactive blockages

Try to eat foods that are rich in wholegrains such as oats, rice rye and spelt. These are all great also for digestion. Include legumes in your daily eating such as chickpeas and lentil and beans. Use spices in your food such ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and cumin. Include yellow fruits and vegetables into your diet such as bananas, lemons, pineapple, capsicums and pineapples.

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  1. Go out into the sunshine daily

Suited for: Overactive or deficient blockages

The element of air represents the solar plexus and is a very strong source of healing and vitality. Having low levels of vitamin D in your life will leave you prone to feeling depressed and anxious. Simply taking a morning walk or just chilling in the afternoon sun with a cup of herbal tea is a very effective way of healing the solar plexus chakra.

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  1. Let go of anger

Suitable for: Over active and deficient blockages

Combined with grounding techniques, by releasing pent up anger the solar plexus chakra will become unblocked in rapid time. Blocked anger is a result of blocked up power. Think of a active volcano exploding. When this anger is released we are then able to use this energy positively again.

Exercising vigorously such as running , kickboxing, punching, singing, dancing, crying, writing or expressing yourself through are all good ways of releasing anger.

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  1. Use herbs that are cleansing

Suited best: Overactive and underactive blockages

Herbs such as marshmellow leaf, ginger,chamomile and rosemary.

Drinking herbal tea is a great way of ingesting herbs fast and effectively. For the solar plexus chakra, I recommend Buddha Teas’ and herbal teas infused with citrine which can be bought from you local shop or supermarket.

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  1. Stop playing the victim

Suitable for: Underactive blockages

People with blocked solar plexus chakras often have “powerless” mindset and see themselves as victims of life. This can manifest as a habit of blaming other people for our unhappiness. You may yourself sacrificing your own needs for other people who do not appreciate either you or your efforts for them. This is known as Martyr syndrome. It takes a lot of energy playing the victim as it has to be reaffirmed and maintained everyday. Explore what it feels like to say “no” if you see yourself playing the victim role. Playing the victim prevents us from facing the responsibility of ourselves so don’t be surprised if you’re a very fearful of “stepping up” your game in order to take back or reclaim your power. It is a necessary but takes time, courage and practice.

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  1. Use affirmations daily Over active and deficient blockages

Suitable for: deficient and excessive blockages

Take back your personal power by writing, saying and repeating the following affirmations or mantra daily. “I am strong and courageous”, “I can”, “I have the power to decide”, “I am strong”, “I am responsible for my life”, “I stand up for myself”, “I am worthy of love and kindness”, “I am whole”. The more often you practice sincerely repeating these affirmations it will start to reprogram you unconscious mind and open up your solar plexus energy field. Buy yourself a journal and start each day with these affirmations.

  1. Find humor in situations and laugh

Suitable for: Under active and excessive blockages

When we learn to find humor in life and laugh at ourselves we regain our power. Infusing humor even in dark episodes of our life is a great source of individual strength and is a reminder that life is always changing. Nothing in life remains the same and when we can learn to laugh and find humor we free ourselves from negative energy. Being serious all the time disconnects you from source power.

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  1. Use crystals to meditate

Suitable for: Excessive (overactive) or deficient blockages (underactive)

The best crystals used to harmonize energy are topaz, amber, tigers eye, citrine and yellow calcite. Crystals are energetic totems that are a very powerful aid in opening up chakras.

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  1. Relinquish any unhealthy attachments you may have

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

A tremendous amount of energy is lost due to unhealthy attachments. These can lead to energy from the solar plexus chakra becoming stagnant and blocked. We can be attached emotionally, mentally and physically to beliefs, ideals, expectations, memories, fears, people, things, places, substances and objects.

Essentially attachments are forms of energy that get “stuck” within our minds and bodies. At times these negative energies can be overwhelming and lead to addictions and habits that limit us in life. Ask yourself “Is this attachment serving my highest purpose?” to break unhealthy attachments. Acknowledging negative attachments in our lives is the starting point of the recovery process. Being able to let go of these thoughts, feelings, actions or things and taking care of our needs will enable you to find inner peace, security and stability without looking for things outside of ourselves.

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  1. Practice self-care every day

Suitable for: under active and over active blockages

An important corner stone is having a healthy self-esteem and the way we see ourselves. Taking care of your psychological and physical health will instantly harmonize your energy. Look at the areas of your life mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually that you have been neglecting or over-looking.

Consider where in your life the most pain is coming from and focus on healing that. For instance if you haven’t been taking care of your body it will likely have manifested as pains, aches and chronic illness within the body. Neglecting your heart will lead to feelings of feeling constantly overwhelmed and angry.

Looking after yourself is one of the highest forms of respect for yourself and self-love. Always keep in mind that nobody can take care of you better than you. Only you an define your wants and needs. The power is with you.

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  1. Use your breath and practice stepping back and breathing deeply

Suitable for: Overactive blockages

If you find it difficult not to dominate and control people, try to focus on your breathing . Deep breathing and stepping back will enable you to look at situations and the person in question realistically. The focus of your breath will help to give you the space to feel compassion and understand that your ego is in fact crying out for attention love and affection.

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  1. Practice Yoga to clear blockages

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Yoga is a powerful way to release suppressed stored up energy. Yoga poses to clear the solar plexus chakra include: upward dog, bow pose, breath of fire and wheel pose. Understand that these elegant yoga poses may induce waves of emotional energy on your person. This is good so don’t worry as it is just the release of blocked energy being released in the clearing process.

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  1. Practice Solar Plexus visualization

Suitable for:  Under active (deficient) and overactive blockages

Close your eyes and imagine a swirling, throbbing luminescent ball of yellow light energy in the diaphragm area. Visualize in your mind this ball of golden energy dissolving aggressive energy blockages and flows suppressed inside of you.

  1. Set goals to engage your willpower

Suitable for: deficient blockages

Make a list of ten things that you seek to accomplish to overcome lethargy. Make a conscious effort to complete those things. Dedicate yourself to those things on the list to enhance your willpower. These goals could be anything from eating healthier to getting more rest. Setting goals for yourself will enable you to access you willpower more with ease.

  1. Use aromatherapy to cleanse your solar plexus

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Oils such as cinnamon, black pepper, cypress, rosemary, sandalwood and clove are great for the solar plexus. Use a diffuser, humidifier, incense sticks or simply put some oil in a tissue and smell it to feel the healing affect of these natural fragrances.

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  1. Make the “RAM” Sound

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages



Sound out “Rrrrrraaaaaaaammmmmmm.” This sound resonates with the vibration of the solar plexus chakra, bringing it to life. Binaural beats also help to activate the chakras as a form healing music therapy which uses alternating sound waves.


Time to start your healing practice

Now you have a good understanding of the heart chakra it’s time to start healing. Start off by picking a few 5-6 activities from the above list which best resonate with you. Before you start be sure to identify if your Solar Plexus chakra is excessive or deficient and for the next few weeks experiment with various healing tools and stay connected to how you feel.

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