Heart Chakra Healing Guide 2019

For thousands of years the heart chakra has been considered the center of love, peace, balance and unity.

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Can you think of the last time you were feeling receptive, open, accepting, forgiving, generous and connected to other people as well as to yourself? These are the feelings or emotions of a balanced and healthy heart chakra.

Being able to give and receive love freely is a sign of a healthy Heart Chakra Photo Source: http://www.michiganpsychicmedium.com

In contrast feelings of chronic, loneliness, social isolation, resentment, fear or bitterness are the symptoms of a blockage in the heart chakra region.

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There are multiple reasons that your heart chakra may have become stagnant of suppressed. Life experiences that alter the heart chakra negatively can include childhood physical and emotional abuse. Being raised by a narcissistic or emotionally cold parent who denies love and affection whilst you are growing up can lead to us growing up with an unhealthy view or beliefs regarding love. This in effect can lead to a development of habits that are self-destructive and block us from being able to give and receive love.

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The following guide will help you to invite the healing process of the heart chakra in your own unique way.

The Heart Chakra

Also called Anahata, the heart chakra is the home of love, connection and balance. It is positioned in the heart region in the middle of the chest. The color green and the air element is associated with this chakra. Energies such as self-acceptance, self-love, openness, compassion and unconditional love of others are regulated here. “The auric color of an active fourth chakra can also be seen as a pink or smoky pink, hence our popular representation of love as a pink heart. ” (http://www.chakras.info/heart-chakra/)

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How to Heal the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra can be healed through a process of cleansing, clearing, strengthening, supporting our bodies hear chakra. A number of holistic remedies can be used to bring the spirit body and mind back into alignment. Remedies such as catharsis, sound healing, aromatherapy, colour therapy, movement therapy, crystal healing and meditation are used to re-connect the body and mind.

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19 Symptoms of a Unhealthy Heart Chakra

Paying attention to your thoughts, actions, feelings and bodies physical sensations is the best way of establishing whether your heart chakra needs healing.

  • Some signs to be aware of include:
  • You often feel disconnected in social situations even if the people are close to you
  • You avoid socializing with people and are withdrawn
  • You have a tendency to be needy in relationships or
  • Emotionally distant
  • You dread or are terrified of being on your own
  • You seek your self-worth in other people and tend to be a people pleaser
  • You hold grudges and find it hard to forgive
  • You have bitter and angry thoughts and find it difficult to let go
  • You are angry at life and towards other people
  • You suffer with social anxiety
  • You often have feelings of jealousy towards other people
  • You tend to be very critical of yourself
  • You continuously replay and relive the trauma you have suffered
  • You a full of fear and dread
  • You like to play victim of adopt the role of martyr
  • You lack boundaries and tend to develop codependent relationships
  • You find it difficult to freely give and receive love
  • You are always suspicious and mistrust other people
  • You have health issues to do with your heart, lungs or chest region such as high blood pressure, poor circulation or asthma.
  • There is a constant heavy feeling in your chest


African American Depressive Sad Broken Heart Concept

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Can you relate to any of the above?

There are in fact two types of imbalances in the Chakra. They can either be excessive of deficient.

Did you identify if you have an Excessive or Deficient Heart Chakra?

A deficient heart chakra is energetically numb or passive, whilst an excessive heart chakra will be manic or aggressive energetically.

A deficient energy will leave this field lifeless, passive, sluggish , inwards and blocked.

Excessive energy will have you feeling lively and reactive, agitated, outwards and aggressive.

In effect if your heart chakra is deficient you will likely suffer with isolation, social anxiety, and self-criticism. An excessive or over reactive heart chakra will have you feeling clingy, showing over the top displays of love and playing the role of martyr. It would also be right to mention that some people could fall in the middle.


21 Ways to Heal Your Heart Chakra

The question you may ask now is… So what does a balanced and healthy heart chakra feel and look like?


A clear, harmonious and strong heart chakra will have you feeling both receptive and open. No longer will you suffer with fear, isolation and bitterness. Instead you will feel confident and courageous enough to give and receive love. You will havd come to the understanding that it is only possible to love others by first loving yourself. Your relationship with yourself will now be profoundly defined with self-love and self-acceptance. This will result in your heart feeling warm and soft. You will  feel safe around others even if they are negative towards you. Self-love will be at the forefront of your agenda and you will put behind old and toxic patterns of behavior that effected your previous relationships. No longer will you play victim or matry but instead believe and trust in yourself more. The more you are able to develop trust and love towards yourself in turn you will grow in understanding and compassion for others. You will be more forgiving of yourself and others and feel love in an expansive and receptive way.


Below are the best healing practices for the heart chakra helping to bring health and balance to this energy field.


  1. Forest Bathing

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

As mentioned before; the heart chakra colour is green. Going out and being in nature is a good way to open up this energy field. Originating in Japan, Shinrin Yoku or “Forest Bathing” has been scientifically proven to have health benefits. Submurge yourself in the greenery of the forest or local park, buslands, fields or woodlands that are full of leafy greenery. If you are a City person go out and buy some indoor plants or decorate your balcony with shrubs to encourage heart chakra healing.


  1. Practice Love and Kindness Meditation

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Having a balanced heart chakra is a beautiful feeling. Its brings about a feeling of togetherness and kindness and love to self and others. A love and kindness meditation is a great way to relieve congestion in the heart chakra. To practice Love and Kindness Meditation sit down in a quiet place and listen to your breath; calmly connecting with it. Direct loving energy towards yourself with every breath and allow your chest to soften. In your mind pick four people you would like to direct loving energy towards. For example a lover or a person you are close to. You can even choose a loved one or someone you do not like or an enemy. Visualize yourself being surrounded with loving energy, and repeat the mantra “I am radiating love, I am love” to help with an effective meditation.


  1. Set and Stick to Clear Personal Boundaries

Suitable for: Excessive Blockages

Look for situations in your life were you are allowing other people to push or step over your personal boundaries. Do you say ‘yes’ even when you really want to say no? Are there certain people in your life that take liberties or ask to much of you? Get into the habit of drawing the line and letting people know in a respectful way what your limits are. Care for yourself and practice being assertive.


  1. Use Herbs for Healing

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

The use of herbs is an effective way of opening up and clearing the heart chakra. Herbs such as astragalus, rose, holy basil, nettle, hawthorn, angelica and hops are great herbs for this chakra cleanse. A good way to ingest herbs is to make herbal drinks or tea. You can buy infused herbal tea from your local shop or super store. Buddha tea is a great option as it has rose quartz essence to it.


  1. Try to practice empathy and ask yourself the question “What if?”

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

The mind is easily susceptible to making irrational decisions about another person. More than often the conclusions made are judgmental, unloving and harsh. Try and ask yourself the question “What if” the next time you have angry feelings towards someone. If you are finding it difficult to get on with an individual ask yourself “What if that particular persons upbringing was abusive  to the point that they can no longer to relate to other people on a normal level?” For instance ask yourself “What if” someone just lost their job? That could be the reason they were rude to you the other day? Try to remember there is always a reason why someone behaves in a certain way.


  1. Try to Hug More

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

In order to remain healthy, human beings need love and physical contact because we are social creatures. A calming chemical called oxytocin is released around the entire body when we hug. It in fact acts like a natural antidepressant. This is why it is important that we hug our loved ones more. Express self-love more by even hugging yourself.


  1. Give yourself the permission to feel by showing yourself love

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Avoiding our emotions unknowingly is one of the biggest forms of violence on ourselves. Our expressions of humanity need to be embraced. Our emotions should not be repressed, controlled or shut out or down. It is important to give yourself permission to feel happy, angry, sad, bored unhappy and even jealous to a degree. Such emotions are more often shunned. Meditate using your breath let this feelings to dissolve through you. Allow yourself to feel these emotiongs in a controlled manner and let them pass. Accepting how you feel is a good way to move on and feel better.


  1. Give yourself the chance to receive love

Suitable for: Deficient blockages

A lot of the time we suppress or ignore the expressions of love from others because of fear and issues with low self-esteem. Try to embrace accepting compliments and affection instead of denying it. It might feel awkward to begin with but just making this small change in behavior can help tremendously in opening up your heart chakra.


  1. Use the following crystals to meditate

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Crystals are energetic totems that help to balance energy for the chakras. Use crystals such as malachite, rose, jade, quartz, rhodonite, emerald, prehnite, green fluorite, and chrysocolla to mediate with and carry them on your person.


  1. Show Gratitude

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

We often take things in life for granted. More often it is the simple things in life that make us happiest when you really think about it. Everyday start the practice of simply giving gratitude and acknowledge your blessing. Take some time to think about and jot down all the things in your life that you love and are thankful for. Say thank you for each of the things that come to mind perhaps in a prayer or a letter to yourself.


  1. Practice Shadow Work

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Our heart chakras are often closed due to blocked or stored up dark energy coming from our subconscious minds. Your shadow self  houses all of your rejected traits of your personality such as denied thoughts, feelings, habits and socially unacceptable parts of our ego. Embracing these stored up parts of you will help you to access and release this energy from your aura instantaneously opening up a closed chakra.


  1. Use Essential oils to cleanse the heart chakra

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Oils such as rose, marjoram, lavender, ylang ylang, angelica and neroli. Use an oil diffuser or humidifier to expel the smells into the rooms atmosphere or rub them on your wrist or in a

piece of tissue to smell on the go.


  1. Practice a ritual dedicated to forgiveness

Suitable for: Deficient blockages

We must first learn to forgive ourselves for any ways we may have mistreated ourselves in the pasts before we can forgive others. Write a letter asking yourself for forgiveness and then burn it. Do the same for any person you may have resentment for. If it is your mother ask the “Life Force” to let your heart let go of resentment towards her. Pray over a candle and then blow it out.


  1. Eat Nutritious Foods

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Include more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet that are green, the same colour as the heart chakra. Green foods include: spinach, kiwi fruit, kale, pears, green apples, chard, broccoli, avocados, zucchini, peppers, celery, grapes.


  1. Get over yourself and stop being a Martyr

Suitable for: Excessive blockages

Some who plays the martyr pertains to be a self-sacrificing saint. This role is adopted and usually the effect of low self-esteem and a disguise to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. The desire for adoration and praise is high leads people adopting this role to take care of everyone else but themselves. This usually results in them manipulating everyone around them to maintain control and their superficial self-created role. If you find yourself in this role, try to be honest with yourself and consider a healthier roles such as a friend and confident, helper or peacemaker.


  1. Use Yoga to Clear Blocks

Suitable for: Excessive deficient blockages

Use yoga moves such as cobra, forward bend, cat, fish pose and camel. To stretch your body and balance energy in the heart chakra.


  1. Practice Breathing Deeply

Best suited to: Excessive and deficient blockages

The air element rules the heart chakra. Using our breath and learning how to breath correctly and deeply is very important. Alternate nostril breathing such as Pranayama techniques helps us to deep breath slower and deeper. It isn’t normal for us to breath shallowly. The deeper we breath the more oxygen is received by our cells. More oxygen in our bodies means our body functions better and we feel more at ease. Deep breathing is a great help in releasing heart chakra issues such as social anxiety.


  1. Practice Affirmations Daily

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

You can open the heart chakra by writing and speaking meaningful words to reprogram yourself and your subconscious mind. Affirmations such as “I embrace who I am”, I am open to”, “I listen to my heart”, “I nurture my inner child”, “ I listen to my heart”, “I love and forgive others”, “I am worthy of love”, “I open myself to love”. Each morning I start the day affirming and grounding yourself.


  1. Practice being kind everyday

Suitable for: Deficient blockages

People with blocked heart chakras tend to be self-absorbed and cold emotionally. Would you call yourself a thoughtful person? Try doing something kind for someone else such as offering encouragement or offering a compliment.


  1. Find humor in things and Laugh!

Suitable for: Excessive blockages and  deficient

One of the best medicines in life is laughter! Use laughter to open up your heart chakra by watching a comedy or spending time with your funniest friend.


  1. Make the ‘YAM’ Sound

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Sound out “yyyyyyyaaaaaaaammmmmmm.” This sound resonates with the vibration of the heart chakra bringing it to life. Binaural beats also help to activate the chakras as a form healing music therapy which uses alternating sound waves.


Time to Start Healing!

Now you have a good understanding of the heart chakra its time to start healing. Start off by picking a few 5-6 activities from the above list which best resonate with you. Before you start be sure to identify if your heart chakra is excessive or deficient and for the next few weeks experiment with various healing tools and stay connected to how you feel.

Namaste 🙂

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