The Throat Chakra Healing Guide

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Hindu ancient religion says that the throat chakra governs the energy to do with the communicating our actual ran and true selves.

If you have a healthy throat chakra you are likely to be honest, confident, creative, assertive and courageous enough to share your raw truth with the world.

If the throat chakra becomes blocked you may have issues with expressing your thoughts correctly, shyness, dishonesty, anxiety, untrustworthiness, stubbornness, verbal aggressiveness and social creativity.

If you think you may have a blocked throat chakra, look back to your childhood…Did your parents or guardians criticize you often? Were you encouraged to express yourself honestly? Did you feel that your feelings, ideas thoughts and opinions were valued? Think back and if answer yes that it is like y that you suffer with a blocked or unhealthy throat chakra.

The following guide will assist you in self-healing the throat chakra energy vortex.

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The Throat Chakra

Also called the Vishudda, the throat chakra energy field deals with self-expression, truth and communication. It is located at the bottom of your neck line. The thoat chakra is governed by the element of either as well as the blue. It deals with true and is blocked by lies.

How do we Heal the Throat Chakra?

To heal the throat chakra we must open, balance and purify it using practices that heal our bodies within. A whole range of holistic remedies can be used to align the energy in our bodies, minds and spirits. Practices such as mindfulness, yoga, sound healing, colour therapy, aromatherapy, self-inquiry and more can be used to balance throat chakra energy.

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21 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Throat Chakra

To help you identify whether or not you should undertake throat chakra healing you should pay attention the physical sensations in your body as well as your actions, thoughts and feelings.

Some signs to look for are as follows:

  • You find it difficult to express your emotions healthfully
  • Verbalizing your thoughts is difficult
  • You get nervous sharing your opinions OR
  • You aggressively push your own opinions on to others
  • There is often miscommunication in your relationships
  • You always feel misunderstood and or ignored by others
  • You hide or keep secrets from people around you because you are fearful of not being accepted.
  • You get anxious during conversations
  • You get shy around other people
  • You find it difficult to be your authentic self
  • You are often over-opinionated, OR
  • You have issues with your authentic voice
  • You are terrified of public speaking
  • You attract relationships and people who criticize you and paralyze your feelings and thoughts
  • You enter restrictive relationships
  • You find being honest with yourself and others difficult
  • Your actions don’t match your words
  • The lymph nodes in your neck are swollen
  • Your voice is thin and cracks frequently
  • You have an under or over active thyroid
  • You have premature hearing loss or suffer with ear infections
  • You often suffer with soar throats and infections of the upper respiratory


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Can you relate to any of the above symptoms?


Is your Throat Chakra Blockage Deficient or Excessive?



There are in fact two types of imbalances in the Chakra. They can either be excessive (overactive) of deficient (underactive).


Did you identify if you have an Excessive or Deficient Heart Chakra?


A deficient throat chakra is energetically numb or passive, whilst an excessive throat chakra will be manic or aggressive energetically.

A deficient energy will leave this field lifeless, passive, sluggish, inwards and blocked.

Excessive energy will have you feeling lively and reactive, agitated, outwards and aggressive.

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In effect if your throat chakra is deficient you will likely suffer with secrecy, shyness and the inability to express your thoughts. It is excessive in energy your throat chakra is likely to cause you to communicate in a hostile way, you are likely to be stubborn and tend to be overbearing in social situations.

Ask yourself which one you think you fall into? Or to you fall somewhere in the middle of deficient and overactive?


20 Practices to Heal the Throat Chakra


A healthy and balanced throat chakra will have you feeling unafraid to express your emotions and thoughts confidently and clearly. You will be fluent, open, unafraid, honest and confident in sharing you feel. Authenticity and respect will be the defining point of how you interact with others and you will express your truth courageously. You will trust your inner voice to guide you in times of need and except your ultimate soul as your life teacher.

Cleansing your throat chakra will result in you being able to communicate with confidence, clarity, trust, freedom and joy.

Below are the most suitable healing practices best fitted for balancing the throat chakra.

  1. Start using a Powerful Mantra

Suitable for: Under active and excessive blockages

Mantras are sacred words that have been composted to aid you in reaching higher your higher self and states of consciousness. Ancient mantras such as “Om”, “Om Mani Padme Hum”, “I am” and “Ham Sa” or “Yah weh”. You might like even to create your own meditation mantra.

  1. Chant or Hum “HAM”

Suitable for: Excessive or deficient Blocks

The Vibration of the of the throat chakra is matched ot the sound” HAAAAAAMMM”. Use your breath and as your breath out make the sound “Haaaaaaaaammmm”. Listening a form of music therapy called Binaural beats will help to clear and activate the chakras with the use alternating therapeutic sound waves.

  1. Eat more nutritious foods

Suitable for: Under active and over active blockages

Start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables including: blackberries, blueberries, currants, blue grapes, apples, kiwifruit, lemons, grapefruit, plums, pears, figs, apricots and peaches.

  1. Sound Healing Therapy

Suitable for: Overactive and deficient blockages

Due to  the special vibrations they transmit, instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, and tuning forks are highly influential on the cellular level.

  1. Start a journal of your thoughts

Suitable for: Deficient blockages

If you struggle with verbalizing your feelings and thoughts, start to record them privately in a journal. You can use your iPhone notes or a an online program such as evernote to record how you feel. It doesn’t have to be perfect so do not worry about sentence structure and perfect grammar. In a quiet place let sit and let your feelings and thoughts freely flow through your keyboard or pen.

  1. Breath deeply into your stomach

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Signs of an imbalanced throat chakra is speaking to impulsively or quickly. The technique of grounding helps to bring about balance. Breath deeply into your stomach letting it expand gradually. Focus on centering your energy around this sensation. This will help to calm you and develop confidence.

  1. Use of these herbs

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Make use of herbs like elderberry, peppermint, cinnamon, clove, echinacea, fennel, slippery elm and spearmint.

Herbal teas are a wonderful way to take in herbs find them in your local store or supermarket.

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  1. Use Colour Therapy

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blocks

The throat chakra is bright blue. Stimulate it by wearing blue, staring at the blue sky, surround yourself with blue and see the effect it has on you. A great form of colour therapy is painting. Try drawing or painting expressing yourself visually using blue as your primary color.

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  1. Show gratitude and give thanks to your life

Suitable for: Overactive and deficient blockages

Our throat chakras can become blocked because our minds are full of resentment and worry. Showing gratitude and saying ‘thank you’ to life and what it has given you thus far will expand not only your throat chakras but all your chakras. There is always something to be thankful for in life. Sincerely feel the gratefulness bubble up inside of you.

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  1. Use the following crystals to meditate with

Suitable for: Deficient and Excessive Blockages

Crystals can be used as energetic totems that help to balance the throat chakra energy. Use them when meditating by placing them on your body or by simply holding them. Use crystals such as larimar, kyanite, azurite, lapis lazuli and aquamarine.

  1. Practice Active Listening

Suitable for: Overactive blockages

Excessive amounts of energy will cause you to dominate conversations and ignore other people. This may put you in trouble with your partner, friends and colleagues. To break this habit, you should start the practice of breathing into your belly as mentioned in point 6. Try to practice active listening by focusing on what another person is saying. Be mindful of their body language as sometimes a person’s words will not match the energy they are putting out. Make nodding gestures to show that you are listening and comment where appropriate to show that you are attentively listening to what they are saying.

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  1. Laughing and Screaming Catharsis

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Catharsis is powerful way to purify the throat chakra. The technique helps to release stagnant energy which has built up in the body because of an inability to communicate properly. Laughing or screaming can help to release this frustration.

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Watching a funny video or, if you you have a deep blockage of the throat chakra you can try screaming in to a pillow. If you make an effort to practice this technique regularly you will be able to express yourself in a more confident healthier way.

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  1. Practice Yoga to Clear Blockages

Suitable for: Excessive and under active blockages

Yoga stretches help to balance the chakras. Practice poses such as the lion, plow pose and fish to release stagnant energy. It is also a good idea to gently roll the neck around helping to stimulate blood flow.

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  1. Use Your Voice to Sing

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

The throat chakra can be opened gently by singing. If you are shy to sing then try doing it to yourself in a quiet place. Watch a musical or play music and sing along.

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  1. Use Essential Oils to Cleanse the Throat Chakra

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Oils such as ylang ylang, eucalyptus, neroli, rosemary, clove and myrrh. Try rubbing these oils on your wrist or put them in a diffuser in your home.

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  1. Only drink pure water

Suitable for: Overactive or underactive blockages

Drinking pure clean water is vital to maintain a healthy throat chakra. Avoid polluted of water contaminated with chlorine, invest in a water filter and only drink bottled water.

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  1. Practice Throat Chakra Visualization Meditation

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Try and imagine a swirling throbbing ball of blue luminescent light in the throat area. Feel the dissolving of all the blockages within you as the luminescent blue light energy aggressively dissolves it.

  1. Practice Being Silent

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blocks

Silence is a great way of tuning into your inner voice. It may be counterintuitive but allowing your inner voice to come fourth is a very helpful way to strengthen your throat chakra. People that practice yoga often take vows of silence to help them to connect to a state of higher consciousness.

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  1. Treat yourself to a neck massage

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Getting regular neck massageswill help to ease trapped energy in your neck. Book an appointment with a professional masseuse to help distribute pent up energy in this area.

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  1. Try Being More Assertive

Suitable for: Deficient blockages

Learn to say “no” and express your needs to feel more empowered. The skill of assertiveness is a skill that is very healthy for the throat chakra.

Use affirmations such as “I confidently express myself”, “I openly and freely speak truths”, “I speak with love”. This will help you to access your inner strength.

Time to Start Healing

Now it’s time to pick a few of the above healing practices that best suit you. Be sure to evaluate whether or not you have a deficient of excessive chakra blockages or mixture. Use a few over the next few weeks and see how you feel. Happy healing. Namaste. X


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  1. This is a phenomenal guide to the Throat Chakra. This is one I spent so much time working with in my 30s and your recommendations are spot on! Thank you for such a thorough article! <3 <3

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