The Third Eye Chakra Healing Guide

The sixth chakra or the third eye chakra is the energy vortex responsible for our perception, reality, thought, manifestation, intuition and thought process.

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Yogic philosophy connects the third eye with duality. This is a type of perception that conflicts with reality which is created only by our minds. When the third eye chakra is in alignment with the rest of the chakra’s it opens up the doorway to spiritual enlightenment.

When you have a balanced and clean third eye chakra we view life through a clearer lens, we are more emotionally balanced with stronger insight, intuition and self-awareness.

When our third eye chakra is imbalanced or blocked you may suffer with from: cynicism, closed-mindedness, anxiety, cynicism, paranoia, depression and often a variety of other mood disorders or mental illnesses.

If you suspect you could have blocked sixth chakra, look back to your childhood. Do you come from a closed-minded family? Was you encouraged to think freely as a child or were you raised up to “do as you was told without ever questioning”? Was the environment you were raised in stable emotionally? Did your parents or guardians listen to your feelings and thoughts on things, or were you told to shut up? If you can relate to any of the above questions the it is more than likely that you will suffer with a blockage of the third eye chakra.

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The following guild is a self-help guide to help relieve and unclear blockages or slow down an over productive energy field known as the third eye chakra.

The Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye chakra is also called the Ajna in Sanskrit and is the energy field located in the forehead region just above the eyes. It is responsible for imagination, intuition, self-awareness and thought. The colour indigo is associated with the third eye chakra and the pineal gland located inside of the brain. Energy associated with wisdom and insight is regulated here.

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How do you Heal the Third Eye Chakra?

The practice of third eye healing begins with opening, cleansing and balancing the energy coming form this energy field within our bodies. A wide range of holistic techniques are employed so that body, mind and spirit are aligned through the practice of mindfulness, meditation, sound healing, color therapy, yoga, sound healing, aromatherapy, self-inquiry and many more.

24 Symptoms that you may have an Unhealthy Third Eye Chakra

The easiest way to tell if you need to heal your third eye chakra is to pay close attention to physical sensations within your body and how you feel mentally and your actions and thoughts.

Some signs to look out for are as follows:

  • You are rarely inspired by anything and you don’t feel creative
  • You choose not to listen to your intuition
  • You are over emotional or over logical
  • You are overcome with the details of things but find it difficult to see the “bigger picture”
  • You get lost in your thoughts
  • You often drift into daydreaming by habit to escape reality
  • You react emotionally and are easily upset
  • You often have visions, dreams and are clairsentience
  • You are attached or addicted to external stimulants such as food, relationships, sex, status, money, shopping, drugs etc
  • Your perception of reality is distorted
  • You struggle to connect to your Soul or inner self
  • You interact with people on superficial or trivial level
  • You find it difficult to trust people and dislike others easily
  • Your opinions are rigid regarding the world and you do not want to change for the better
  • You suffer with stubbornness
  • It is difficult for you to be open-minded
  • Others perceive you as opinionated and arrogant, OR…
  • You are perceived as ungrounded and dreamy
  • You get headaches and migraines often
  • Your ego is dense and heavy
  • You are overly attached to the outcome of things in your life
  • You are indecisive and find it difficult to focus
  • You suffer with sinus problems and have poor vision
  • You have mental illness and suffer with delusions


From the list above how many of these symptoms do you suffer from?


Is Your Third Eye Chakra Excessive or Deficient?

There are two types of chakra imbalances. Deficient and excessive. A deficient third eye chakra is energetically numb or passive whilst an excessive third eye chakra carries manic or aggressive energy.


A deficient chakra is sluggish, lifeless, blocked, inwards and passive because not enough energy is flowing into it. An excessive chakra is likely to be reactive, agitated, outwards and aggressive as the flow of energy is excessive or too much. If you have third eye chakra is deficient you are more likely to have issues such as mental confusion, being ungrounded and dreaminess. If your have an excessive or overactive third eye chakra you will more than likely suffer with arrogance, cynicism and narrow-mindedness. Ask yourself which type of imbalance you identify with? It’s possible that you could fall in the middle or over active (excessive) and under active (deficient).

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22 Healing Practices for the Third Eye Chakra

The question you may ask is what a balanced and healthy sixth chakra (third eye chakra) feels and looks like?

When you third eye chakra is harmonious and clear you will be self-aware, calm and have good foresight.  You do not allow your mind to limit you and you can easily differentiate illusion from truth. You will be blessed with insight and knowledge of self, others and the meaning of life. You find it easy to use your intuition and make better wiser decisions that more congruent with reality than fantasy.

When the third eye chakra is opened, cleared and balanced you will find it much easier to be objective and less focused on limiting beliefs that you may have had before. This will result in you being more fluid, vibrating higher which in effect will lead to you being more spontaneous and creative. You will view life from a bird’s eye view as you will have more wisdom and compassion for life. Spiritually you will be capable of accessing mystical and magical states of consciousness far more easily. Time will no longer be an issue and neither will your ego. Some people who have undertaken third eye chakra healing have been said have developed clairvoyance (psychic abilities).

Although this all sounds exciting it must be understood that healing the chakras is a process to help you grow internally. Before we seek the clarity we may have been looking for many changes must first take place. It is crucial that you are prepared to make changes to you life and operate with an open heart.

The following is a list of healing practices to heal the third-eye chakra. These healing techniques will help to clear, unblock and balance this beautiful energy vortex.

  1. Discover various viewpoints and perspectives

Suitable for: Over-active (excessive) blockages

A problem of being too rigid and closed minded often arises with a blocked third eye chakra. Tackle this issue with watching new educational or informational programs, reading books and or taking part in activities that take you out of your comfort zone. It may feel weird at first but make an effort to appreciate others ways of life and perspectives on things.

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  1. Cleanse your Pineal Gland

Suitable for: Under active (deficient) and over active blockages

The pineal gland is a small pea-shaped gland in the brain which is It is linked to the third eye chakra. The pineal gland is mainly responsible for regulating our sleep cycles and reproductive hormones as well as mystical and magical abilities. Ancient Tibetan, Egyptian and Chinese cultures believed that this amazing gland was the center of spiritual consciousness. Over time the pineal gland can become calcified because of the things we eat and drink. To decalcify this gland, it is important to avoid using water and products that contain fluoride. Fluoride is in fact poisonous to the body and is not needed to maintain a healthy oral cleansing routine. Use tooth paste such as charcoal tooth paste which does not contain fluoride and only drink purified water.


  1. Keep Yourself Grounded with Mindfulness

Suitable for: Deficient blockages

The third eye chakra operates better when it is grounded. If not,  are partial to get lost in delusion and fantasy easily.

Practice being present by meditating using your breath (focus on your breath). Do this daily and it will help you massively. Also find a queit place to tree hug. Take your shoes off and stand or walk on the grass to connect to planet earth.

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  1. Go Outside into the Natural Sunlight

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

The element of the third eye chakra is light. Going out into the sunlight more often will help to cleanse the pineal gland and make your mind and thought clearer. If were you live is cold and dark a lot of the time try using light therapy instead of natural light if it is scarce during parts of the year. Physically light awakens the pineal gland and improves how the third eye chakra functions.

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  1. Get herbal

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Using herbs such as star anise, mugwart, basil, saffron, jasmine, basil, passionflower, lavender, blue lotus and passion flower. A diffuser is a brilliant way to get these fragrances into the air. These herbs can also be burned as incense or mixed with a base oil and applied to your skin. Some of them can also be smoked or consumed in food and tea.

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  1. Research some of your limiting beliefs

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

A big cause of malfunction of the third eye is limited core beliefs. Our core beliefs may be negative and make us look at ourselves and others negatively which may cause us to feel, unworthy, insecure, self-loathing and fearful. Some core beliefs we may have about ourselves are “I am a bad person”, “I am not worth it” and “I don’t deserve goodness in my life or “I deserve to be punished”. Revealing these hidden core beliefs will perhaps save you from mental health issues and years of expensive therapy.

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  1. Chant or hum the sound “OM”

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

The above sounds match the energy and sound of the third eye chakra. Breath in and as you release slowly make the sound “Ommmmmmmmm” until you have no breath and have to breath in. Listening to binaural beats (best listened to with head phones) which is a great help in activating and clearing blockages in all the chakras. Binaural beats use alternating sound waves to help with several issues such as anxiety and depression, over thinking and much more.

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  1. Use Plant Medicine to Go on a Psychedelic Shamanic Experience

Suitable for: Excessive blockages

With the guidance of a professional trained and experienced Shaman (spiritual guide), try using a sacred plant form of medicine such as psilocybin mushrooms, avahuasca or peyote. This psychedelic plants balance the entire energy system. During these sacred trips there are often many revealed truths about life.

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  1. Eat More Nutritious and Natural Foods

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Try to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables such as dates, prunes, blueberries, blackberries, figs, eggplant, raisins, purple cabbage, purple carrots, purple kale, and purple potatoes. Indigo or blue foods are preferable whilst taking part in the cleanse of this energy field.

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  1. Make contact with the Owl Spirit Guide

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

The owl is the spirit guide of the third eye chakra. To make contact consider what it is you need help with the most. Contact can be made through meditation visualization and prayer.

  1. Make time to Reflect on Your Thoughts and Actions

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Developing the ability to self-reflect is a great skill to harness and develop. It help increase self-awareness and can be attained by private journaling each day. Get yourself a diary and start writing down how you feel so that you can analyse why you believe in certain things and act out in a certain way. This will prevent unwanted behaviors from keep reoccurring.

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  1. Practice Moon-gazing or Star-gazing

Suitable for: Excessive Blockages

A simple way to of putting things into perspective is the awe-inspiring practice of Star and Moon gazing. This can help to open up the min and free trapped thoughts in the subconscious.

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  1. Start using Essential Oils

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

Get yourself a collection of natural concentrated essential oils which are made from plants. Use oils which include, frankincense, patchouli, sage, clary, sandalwood, vetiver and juniper to cleanse and open the third eye chakra. Using an electrical or candle lit diffuser is perfect to get the beautiful fragrances into the air. Additionally or alternatively you can infuse them with a base oil such as olive oil or coconut oil put them on your skin.

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  1. Observe your Feelings and Thoughts Regularly

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

To do this practice using a type of meditation called Vipassana. This involves learning how to watch and observe your own mind. One of the main reason that the third eye chakra becomes blocked is that we overthink and believe every passing though that goes through our minds and start to identify with them even when they are untrue and negative. When we harness the skill of simply just observing our though process we then discover that they spontaneous and only temporary and have no power unless we give it to them.

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  1. Practice Third Eye Visualisation

Suitable for: Excessive and Deficient Blockages

Close your eyes and think of a swirling throbbing ball of indigo luminescent light in your forehead area. Let the ball of indigo light energy dissolve and destroy all sluggishness, blockages and aggressive energy flows inside that area. Violet flame meditation is also a very powerful way to improve your third eye energy and spiritual awareness.

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  1. Start using the Practice of Scrying

Suitable for: Over active blockages (excessive)

Scying is an ancient tradition of revelation. It has been portrayed in films and literature by the psychic woman looking into her crystal ball for insight into the past or future. This practice can also be conducted with bowls of pure water, mirrors and other reflective objects. Scrying helps to develop your “second insight” and inner vision.

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  1. Practice Trying to Remember Your Dreams

Suitable for: Excessive and Deficient Blockages

Dreams are rich in symbolism and express your inner or unconscious subconscious needs, desires and fears. The third eye helps to interpret dreams and can also tell you things about your future and past. Start to making an effort to reflect on your dreams every morning as soon as you get up for 10 to 15 minutes. Make a note that dream dictionaries do not give you an exact and precise meaning. It may be tempting to use one but often they the answer is within yourself. Important messages from the universe are often conveyed to us through our dreams.

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  1. Practice Using Natural Crystals

Crystals are energetic totems that can help to balance the chakras. Use crystals to meditate with or carry them on your person in your pocket or even in your bra. They all have different uses so reflect on what you need and use the appropriate ones. For third eye chakra cleansing use and carry the following crystals: Sapphire, shungite, kyanite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, labradorite.

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  1. Use Supportive Affirmations

Suitable for: Excessive and Deficient Blockages

Practice filling your mind with loving and supportive words and gestures. Everyday speak kindly to yourself. Choose statements that you truly resonate with. I am affirmations are great to boost your self esteem. Use affirmations such as “I am love”, “I am special”, “I create my reality”, “I see with clarity”, “I trust my intuition”, “I safely see the truth”, “I have trust in myself”, “My heart and my mind are perfectly balanced”.

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  1. Bring Harmony to your energy by Practicing Yoga

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient

Practice yoga to balance your third eye chakra. Perfom poses such as the dolphin pose, standing forward bend (uttanasana), head-to-knee pose (janu sirsasana) and childs pose to open and clear the third eye chakra of stagnant energy.

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  1. Wear the Colour Indigo

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient

Surround yourself with and wear the colour indigo to stimulate your third eye chakra.


  1. Gaze at Candle Flame

Suitable for: Excessive and deficient blockages

The practice of gazing into candles is called Trataka and is associated with Hatha Yoga. It is a very powerful way to open up your third eye chakra and is vey simply just looking into the flame of a candle. Incorporate mindful breathing as you get better at it. This will stimulate the your energy flow. Be sure to stand at least three to four feet away from the candle which should be preferably at eye level. Try to keep your stare on the flame as naturally as possible.

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Time to Start Healing

Its now time for you to start your healing journey. Take a look at the above list and pick a handful of healing techniques that you think best suit you. Remember to first make clear if you have under or over active or a mixture of blockages and make the appropriate choose using the list as a guide (excessive, deficient). Experiment with them for a few weeks until you are familiar and see how you feel. Happy healing. Namaste. XO

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