Crown Chakra Healing Guide

The Crown Chakra is symbolic of a ‘thousand-petaled’ lotus flower that blooms at the top of our heads. It is also know as Sahasrara in Sanskrit.

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The energy of sacred cosmic consciousness is seated here bringing divine awareness which connects us to the eternal. The Crown Chakra is both giving and receiving of Tantric Philopsophy according to the Tantric philosophy and is the meeting point of the infinite and finite.

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When the crown chakra is healthy and balanced you will feel unified with your higher self being able to connect easily with your inner self and others and life, seeing a bigger view and sense of serene wholeness despite what is going on around you.

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When the crown chakra is blocked or unbalanced you will likely suffer from side effects such as a sense of alienation, depression, lack of empathy and somewhat disconnected from life.

The crown chakra can become blocked due to leading a fast lifestyle full of stress. Past trauma that hasn’t been resolved is another cause of a blocked crown chakra. Generally having a blockage in the crown chakra is the result of being taught that we are isoloate individuals who operate on a selfish level driven by our own egos, ignorance and materialism.

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In order to connect on a deeper level with your soul you should work through all your chakras focusing on this with more time and patience.

What does the Crown Chakra do?

Also called the Sahasrara the crown chakra is an energy field within our body that governs our awareness, thoughts, wisdom and connection to the Most High. It is situated at the very top of our heads, violet in colour and is linked to our pituitary Gland which is located without our brain. The energy of consciousness is regulated by this chakra.

What does Crown Chakra Healing Consist of?

To heal the crown chakra energy field we must clear, open and harmonize the crown chakra with the rest of our energy vortex’s. There are a variety of holistic methods used to bring the body back into alignment with mind and spirit. Some of these remedies include: mindfulness, meditation, sound healing, colour therapy, self-inquiry, yoga, aromatherapy, physical exercise and more.

20 Signs your Crown Chakra isn’t Working Properly

If you are wondering if you have a sick crown chakra the best thing you can do is listen closely to the physical sensations in your body, your emotional feelings, thoughts and actions.

Some signs to look out for are as follows:

  • Inflated ego
  • Insomnia
  • Little care or compassion for others
  • Bad dreams/Nightmares
  • Finding life Boring
  • You feel alienated by others
  • You are narrow minded or find it hard to be flexible
  • Existential depression
  • Spiritually disconnected
  • Limited self-identity and rigidness
  • Materialistic and greedy
  • Lack of direction and purpose
  • Confusion/mentalfog
  • Lonely
  • Chronically fatigued
  • Headaches that often turn into migraines
  • Sensitive to light
  • Delusional and suffer with mental illness such as schizophrenia
  • Endocrine and neurological disorders


From the list above how many signs are applicable to you?

Is your Crown Chakra Excessive or Deficient?

Before we can move forward to some healing it is first important to find out whether in fact you have an underactive or overactive crown chakra. We can also use the terms deficient or excessive. A passive or deficient solar plexus will feel “numb” energetically. You may feel passive, sluggish, lifeless and blocked inwardly.

An excessive crown chakra you will be prone to egotism, mental confusion and greed. A deficient crown chakra will have you feeling lonely, chronically fatigued and apathetic.

15 Practices to Heal the Crown Chakra

You may be asking yourself what a balanced and healthy crown chakra feels and looks like. Yogic Philosophy defines it as the seat of the soul which helps us attain enlightenment.  After healing your crown chakra you will feel much clarity and inner peace. You will feel more connected to the people around you  with a sense of blonging which will replace intense isolation and uplift you with a  feeling of interconnectedness to life again.

Your perspective on life will be rejuvenated and instead of feeling bored and fed up you will feel more appreciative of the gift of life.  You will feel more light, playful and fluid letting of ego and a rigid identity. You will feel more playful, fluid and light and will have a bigger perspective on life living being able to stay present in the moment. You will now find it easier to contact your Higher Self or past life soul and experience life from a holy space. A sense of serenity and expansiveness will come over you and now be the reality you live in.

These big changes are exciting and amazing but may take some time depending on the severity of your blockage. The practices that follow are not quick fixes and it will need both you patience and commitment in healing.

Below are fifteen healing practices to help clear, balance and heal the crown chakra

Here are fifteen crown chakra healing practices out there which will help you balance this energy center:

  1. Practice Meditation Daily

Sri Chinmoy defines meditation as “the recognition of discovery of ones true self.”  Many have been using meditation as a spiritual tool for centuries because it works! Meditation is probably the most important technique to use for healing the crown chakra. There are various meditations techniques to use such matras, breathing techniques and colour visualization. A book by Osho called ‘The Book of Secrets: 112 Meditations to Discover the Mystery Within, Use youtube or mobile apps such as ‘calm’ to help you meditate if its something you have never done before. They will provide you with some simple and free guided meditations.

  1. Take Control of Your Thoughts and Emotions

Every day we are bombarded with images and music that whether we like it or not is soaked up by our subconscious minds like a sponge. Negative things happen and past trauma events in our life can also make us think in a negative way towards things and people. It is very important than that you control your thoughts and emotions. Have you ever heard the saying “You become what you think about the most” Well this is a very  true statement. Keep your thoughts positive and always try to think of the bright side of things even when it is hard. Read uplifting books and watch positive documentaries, avoid pornography and commercial television and advertisements.  Submerge yourself in positivity and the things and people that emit how you want to live, feel and achieve in life.  Your thoughts and outlook on life can be manipulated by external influences and life events so it is very important to make sure what we listen to, see visually and hear correspond with how we want to think and feel. We all have thoughts we don’t care for and things that happen in life daily can get us into a negative spiral, for example today I rested my cup of coffee on the side whilst digging in my bag for change to pay for a parking ticket at the mall; when I looked up somebody had stolen my coffee. I was in an upbeat and good mood and then I felt slightly sad and annoyed but decided to take a deep breath and let it go and thought that person might have needed that more than let God deal with it. Of course, we will get times when we have negative thoughts, but the strength lies in letting them pass and not giving them too much time or energy is how to control them.

The most powerful way to begin witnessing your thoughts and taking control of them is through meditation. Meditate in a quiet place with your eyes closed and try not to think anything at all. Focus on your breath continually. If any thoughts come into your mind just let them pass and don’t focus on them.  Remember that not everything tyou think is also always true so practice detaching yourself from your over active mind is Self-inquiry. This is another method of detachment from and over active mind. Ask yourself “is it true and is it helping me to feel good?” Challenging your thoughts and disbelieving the ones that create suffering is a sure way to help healing and open up the Crown Chakra.

  1. Practice Energy Work

Energy healing is a great way to help improve your overall work. Some great methods to practice are: yoga, reiki, falun gong, qigong, acupressure, acupuncture, EFT, massage and more.

  1. Take Time to Educate Yourself

Expanding your mind is a good way to open the crown chakra. Taking a step out of lifeless limiting perspectives by broadening your horizons with books, watching videos and podcasts on a range of topics to help with self-development, self-love and self-growth. This will help you to identify areas of prejudice or ignorance that you may be unaware of and instead help to enhance your knowledge in these areas. Socrates, a wise philosopher once said, “the more I learn, the less I realise I know.” In other words, the more I learn, the less I realize I know.” What he is saying here is that educating yourself brings enlightenment and more humility towards life. Making your more open-minded towards yourself, situations and other people’s circumstances and actions.


  1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Declutter your surroundings. No need to become a minimalist if it doesn’t suit you but make the effort to get rid of excess clutter in your living environment. To many things such as clothes and unused things created mess and mental blocks and emotional distress. Sort through your stuff, separating them into three piles: 1. Things you want to give to charity or friends and family, 2. Things you want to Keep, 3. Things you want to throw away.  Having a clear and clean environment will help free up mental space and contribute a lot to the healing of your crown chakra.

  1. Chant or Hum the “OM” Sound

The above sounds match the vibration of the crown chakra. Draw the sounds out as you hum or chant them. For example, “auuuummmmm” or ommmmmmmm”. Listening to binaural beats is also good for healing your energy, helping to clear and activate every chakra through the use of alternating waves of sound. You can find these on Youtube.

  1. Use Plant Medicine

Plants are sacred teachers which can connect us with the Devine. The Shamans used plants to take them on mystical life changing journeys. Do some good research and consult a certified and experienced Shaman who give you some knowledge on psychedelic plants. Some include: Marijuana (various strains), San Pedro cactus, Psilocybin mushrooms or Ayahuasca. The power of plant medicine is extremely helpful at opening the crown chakra and also at removing negative energy from this energy vortex. It should be noted that plant medicine should be used with respect and you should be in the right place mentally.

  1. Make a Commitment to Practicing your Own Independent Practice

The best person to connect to your spirit is you yourself. The best way to create your spiritual practice is by keeping a special place or spot in your home that is designated to spiritual practice. Use candles, books, crystals and incense to create a significant space for yourself. How you practice your spirituality will be unique to you. You may choose to create are, watch nature, draw tarot cards, sing, meditate, practice yoga, qigong, pray, volunteer, visualize, or hypnotise yourself. The combinations are endless as long as it feels authentic to you. Make it personal to yourself and practice your ritual daily to nourish your Soul.



  1. Practice Praying Daily

Prayer to the most High for help and guidance from your spirit guides within, ancestors and the Universe to help lift your spirit which is at the seat of your soul. This will be extremely beneficial to the crown chakra healing process. Give thanks, gratitude and praise which has been scientifically proven to give you a feeling of fulfilment and have a number of health benefits. Prayer is how you communicate with the creator and builds an energetic bridge between you and source power and so opens your crown chakra to the Eternal and a higher state of consciousness.

  1. Include Crystals in Your Rituals and Daily Life

Crytals are enegetic totems that can be used to help balance out the energy coming from your crown chakra. Carry them on your person or use them to meditate with. Some crystals which are good for crown chakra healing are danburite, selenite, amethyst, labradorite, nuumite.

  1. Have an Open Mind toward Guidance

Notice subtle and some times elaborate signs, communication and synchronicity from Spirit. The are signs to help guide you all around you all the time you just need to pay attention. Being cynical blocks the connection between your body, mind, soul and environment. Try to give things the benefit of the doubt. Be courageous enough to be open to asking for help and pay attention for when it comes. Try to remove any negative beliefs that are causing you to disconnect. Feelings of unworthiness, insecurity and worthlessness are usually the culprit towards not believing you can connect. Find the answers to why you feel like this about yourself and try to heal.

Dreams, strange coincidences, daydreams, symbols and repetitive numbers are some of the many clues of guidance from source. Listen to your intuition and gut feeling. Help will come subtly in a subtle fashion which help to make your mindful and aware. Use everyday as an opportunity to spot the clues the Universe is sending you (Most High).

  1. Write some Affirmations that are True to You

Practice writing and saying supportive and loving affirmations daily. Choose statements that resonate sincerely with you and how you want to feel. Some good examples are “I am in complete acceptance of myself”, “I am free from negative beliefs”, “I am connected to source”, “I am at peace”, “I am supported by the devine”, “I trust the process of life”, “I am grateful for life”. Even if you don’t fully believe them to begin with writing and affirming these positive statements will help to your brain to think more positively until you become and feel these very affirmations.

  1. Visualise your Crown Chakra

Position your-self comfortably for mediation and visualize a swirling throbbing ball of violet luminescent light in the area of your crown chakra (at the top of your head). Feel as the ball of energy within you dissolves all the blockages, sluggish and aggressive energy flows within you. Violet flame meditation is also an effective way to increase your spiritual awareness.

  1. Use the Following Herbs

Go out and get yourself some herbs. Aromatherapy is a great healer of energy and the senses. Try herbs such as basil, gotu kola, lotus and lavender. Use a diffuser to get the aroma of these healing herbs into the air. Incense sticks are also great as well as aromatherapy oils which can be diluted with a base oil such as olive oil or coconut oil and applied to your skin topically (Do not apply concentrated oils straight to the skin as they can burn you). Herbs can also be consumed by brewing them in teas.

Use herbs such a holy basil, lotus, gotu kola, and lavender. You can diffuse these herbs, burn them as incense, apply them topically (in a diluted form), or consume them.

  1. Wear the Colour Violet

Surrounding yourself and wearing the colour violet is a great way of stimulating your crown chakra. Buy some purple or violet flowers and put them in view; paint a violet picture and visualize this colour when you are meditating. Just see Violet!

Time to Start Healing

Now its time to love yourself by putting in some healing work!  Start your healing journey by picking a few of the healing activities above which best suit you. Work out if you have an excessive of deficient chakra blockage or a mixture of both and choose based on this. Over the next few weeks experiment with your chosen healing practices and see how you feel.

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