Beyoncé calls for Justice for the killing of Breonna Taylor

Mega star Beyoncé Knowles has written a letter to the attorney general in the US state of Kentucky demanding justice for Breonna Taylor a 26 year black woman who was killed by the police in her home..

The singer requested that Daniel Cameron the Kentucky Attorney General prosecute the three officers Jonathan Mattingly, Myles Cosgrove and Brett Hankison; who entered Ms Taylors, home whilst she slept in her bed on 13 March.

The officers are said to have been executing a no-knock search warrant whilst conducting a drugs raid. This type of warrant in Louisville has to be approved by a judge and allows the police to come into your home without your consent.

There was gun fire between the police and Breonna’s partner who thought that the house was being invaded. Despite the search there were no drugs found.

The police have alleged that they used a battering ram to enter the home but this has also disputed by neighbors, family and friends who witnessed the forced entry.

The three officers involved have not been arrested or charged for Ms Taylors death and are on administrative leave whilst investigations are ongoing. Beyoncé  wrote in the letter “Three months have passed” – and Breonna Taylor’s family still waits for justice.”

The even more recent killing last month of George Floyd an unarmed black man who died on camera in front of our very own eyes whilst in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Black Lives Matter protesters have screamed and echoed her name as they rally across the US and the rest of World. Brionna Taylor was not a criminal or involved in any criminal activity. The young lady was an award winning emergency medical technician. Since the shooting Louisvilles city council has mad a unanimous decision to ban no-knock warrants. On the same day similar legislation was also put forward in Congress for a nationwide ban.

Beyoncé said in her letter that the legislation represented “small steps in the right direction” but were a “painful” reminder that there was still “no justice for Breonna Taylor.”

What else did Mrs Carter’s have to say?

The drunk in love star also criticized the Louisville Metro Police Department’s investigations into the killing of Ms Taylor saying that the investigation seemed to have “created more questions than answers”. Beyoncé went on to question the validity of the incident report regarding the killing which was officially released last week by the police department.

The report listed Ms Taylors injuries as having “none” but yet “we know she was shot at least eight times”, Beyoncé wrote.

Previously the police department have said it would be “taking immediate steps to correct the report and ensure the accuracy of incident reports going forward.”

Beyoncé ended her letter by asking for the Louisville general attorney to “demonstrate the value of a black woman’s life” and demanded these three things:

  • That criminal charges be brought against the three officers involved in Ms Taylor’s killing
  • An Investigation into the response of Louisville police involved in the shooting
  • That it would commit itself to transparency in the investigation and prosecution of the officers

She pleaded, “Don’t let this case fall into the pattern of no action after a terrible tragedy,” Be

The Kentucky attorney general’s office have since said it had received Beyoncé’s letter but would make no further comment.

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