The Third Eye Chakra Healing Guide

The sixth chakra or the third eye chakra is the energy vortex responsible for our perception, reality, thought, manifestation, intuition and thought process. Yogic philosophy connects the third eye with duality. This is a type of perception that conflicts with reality which is created only by our minds. When the third eye chakra is in… Continue reading The Third Eye Chakra Healing Guide

Virgil Abloh Reveals Art Ideation Creation for Louis Vuitton’s SS19 Fashion Month

Virgil Abloh the delightful multi talented fashion designer has bedazzled and amazed us again with his amazing Art Ideation Creation for Louis Vuitton. Last week the x Off White's Guru head man and  Louis Vuitton's artistic director provided a glimpse of what is coming up in the highly anticipated fashion month by taking to social… Continue reading Virgil Abloh Reveals Art Ideation Creation for Louis Vuitton’s SS19 Fashion Month

Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Guide

Also known as the “lustrous gem” the solar plexus chakra shines brightly like the sun inside of our bodies if balanced correctly. When your solar plexus is balanced, harmonious and functioning at an optimal rate you will experience great autonomy over your life, inner drive and confidence. Traumatic experiences in life can create bad habits… Continue reading Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Guide

Sacral Chakra Healing Guide

Can you remember when the last time you felt emotionally stable? As in you felt balanced and grounded enough to feel sexually desirable, creative, energetic and passionate about life? If you have felt like this it probably meant or means that you have a harmonious and completely balanced chakra. People with balanced sacral chakras are… Continue reading Sacral Chakra Healing Guide